Perutusan Penggawa

Perutusan Penggawa

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and greeting,

I wish to welcome you to Desasiswa Lembaran’s website. The website is managed by Lembaran Students’ Representative Council (MPDL), a student’s society representing Desasiswa Lembaran residents. Desa Lembaran consists of 3 hostel blocks in which offered to accommodate both the undergraduates (SH3 for male and SH2 for female) while SH1 was exclusively devoted to the postgraduates (female). Our aim is to provide an environment that encourages students to develop academically and personally by fostering individual excellence alongside participation in the wide range of academic, cultural, social and sporting activities within the university (or might as well in the higher competitive level).

The management of the Desasiswa Lembaran is in-charged by the Penggawa (Head of Residence) who is an academician holding the Penggawa position as a second post and assisted by two Penolong Penggawa (Assistants Head of Residence). The office is managed on a daily basis by a Penolong Pengurus Asrama (Assistant Manager) and his team while students’ activities are mostly handled or carried out by the MPDL’s team and closely monitored and guided by the Penolong Penggawa. Apart of these, we are also strived to ensure the safety aspect within the community as well as providing the best facility we can afford to offers.

The management of the Desasiwa Lembaran is committed to encouraging student participation in decision-making in ways that will develop future leaders who are able to successfully negotiate their way in our increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. To extend, we strive our best to equip the residents with the skills needed to succeed professionally and personally both in their local communities, nation and as global citizens.

I look forward to meeting you.

“Lembaran: UBIQUE”



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